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June 2015

Right of association 
On 3/6 a mob attacked the Grozny office of the Committee Against Torture. On 17/6 a Moscow court fined the Dynasty Foundation for violating the 'foreign agent' law. The Presidential Human Rights Council had earlier condemned the designation of the Dynasty Foundation and the Liberal Mission Foundation as ‘foreign agents’.

Freedom of expression 
On 10/6 Novaya Gazeta appealed to President Putin for threats against journalist Elena Milashina in Chechnya to be investigated. On 10/6 NTV correspondent Konstantin Goldentsvaig was fired after he made remarks critical of President Putin. On 11/6 Elizaveta Savolainen, an employee at the Russian State Humanities University, said she was forced to resign over a protest against a talk by a speaker from the Anti-Maidan movement. On 16/6 lawyers filed a complaint with the Supreme Court against a presidential decree banning information on peacetime operational casualties. On 16/6 Novaya gazeta journalist Pavel Kanygin was detained in east Ukraine, assaulted and expelled to Russia. On 22/6 the website of the Society for the Protection of Consumers’ Rights was blocked over a memo setting out legal difficulties that may face travellers to Crimea.

Right of assembly 
On 1/6 Nikolai Alekseev, organizer of an unsanctioned gay rights rally in central Moscow was sentenced to 10 days in jail. On 12/6 Nadya Tolokonnikova and fellow activist Katya Nenasheva were arrested in Moscow over a street performance to support women prisoners. On 28/6 about 40 people protested on the Arbat against detentions of street musicians.

Elections, elected representatives 
 On 24/6 Russian authorities charged Ilya Ponomarev, the lone State Duma representative to vote against the 2014 annexation of Crimea, with embezzlement. On 19/6 the State Duma approved in first reading a bill to bring forward next year's parliamentary elections by three months. On 24/6 Moscow City Duma said a proposed referendum on restoring a monument to Dzerzhinsky was lawful. On 21/6 Dmitry Taralov, a campaigner working with Aleksei Navalny, was assaulted in Magadan. On 23/6 a Magadan city court fined Navalny campaigner Georgy Alburov for having organized an unsanctioned rally.

Yukos / Magnitsky 
On 17/6 a Belgian court announced it would confiscate property belonging to the Russian government in an effort to repay Yukos shareholders. France and Austria also began seizing Russian government assets. On 19/6 foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said affected Russian entities would file claims with a Russian court seeking similar action in Russia against foreign companies with state capital. On 20/6 President Putin criticized attacked France and Belgium for seizing Russian assets and said The Hague court has no jurisdiction over Russia. On 30/6 the Investigative Committee said it is reopening a criminal investigation into the 1998 murder of Vladimir Petukhov, then mayor of Nefteyugansk, and named Mikhail Khodorkovsky prime suspect. On 25/6 French authorities froze bank accounts with millions of euros that may be related to an alleged Russian tax fraud presumably exposed by Sergei Magnitsky.

On 10/6 Moscow City Court extended the pretrial detention of Nadia Savchenko until 10/9. On 10/6 Khaiser Dzhemilev, son of Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev, was sentenced to five years’ prison for manslaughter. On 26/6 a senior Russian official rejected calls for the establishment of a UN tribunal to try those responsible for downing the flight MH17 last year. On 29/6 the Union of Soldiers' Mothers' Committees cast doubt on military prosecutors’ denials Aleksandr Aleksandrov was on active duty when captured in Ukraine.
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