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Week-ending 20 March 2015


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Hunger strike 

‘Foreign agent’ 

Apply to leave 


Udaltsov, Rasvozzhaev


Ekho Moskvy 

‘Feeding militant’ charges 

Boris Nemtsov
On 15/3 Ilya Yashin said a report Boris Nemtsov was writing on Russia's role in Ukraine will be released in April. (RFE/RL, 15/3)

On 17/3 the Presidential Human Rights Council said the Investigative Committee had refused its request to visit the suspects detained in the Nemtsov murder case. (RAPSI, 18/3)

On 19/3 Rosbalt reported that investigators believe the team suspected of killing opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was paid 5 million rubles ($85,000) to do the hit. (The Moscow Times, 19/3)

Nadia Savchenko
On 16/3 in a letter to Ukrainians Nadia Savchenko announced she is resuming her hunger strike in protest at her ongoing detention. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 17/3)

Right of association
On 18/3 a Moscow court fined For Human Rights, a prominent human rights group, 300,000-roubles ($4,850) for refusal to register as a ‘foreign agent’. (RFE/RL, 18/3)

On 20/3 the NGO Kostroma Centre for Support of Public Initiatives applied to the Justice Ministry for it to be excluded from the ‘foreign agent’ register. (RAPSI, 20/3)

Right of assembly
On 16/3 a court in Tula Region dismissed a request filed by Stepan Zimin, given 42 months in prison for participation in Moscow's 2012 Bolotnaya riots, to release him on parole. The prison administration supported the parole motion, but the prosecutor’s office argued against it. (RAPSI, 17/3)

On 18/3 the Supreme Court upheld the sentences of Sergei Udaltsov and Leonid Razvozzhaev, both sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for organizing mass riots in Russia, including the rally on Moscow's Bolotnaya Square in May 2012. (RFE/RL, 18/3)

Freedom of expression
On 14/3 journalist Ksenia Sobchak reportedly left Russia after warnings she and other dissidents may be targets of contract hits similar to the murder of Nemtsov. (The Moscow Times, 16/3)

On 19/3 Gazprom-Media Holding announced it will dismiss Mikhail Dyomin as director of Ekho Moskvy and appoint former general director Yekaterina Pavlova in his place. (RFE/RL, 19/3)

Chechnya On 19/3 investigators in Chechnya said they had completed their investigation into Vizir Zaurbekov, arrested in January, accused of acting as an accomplice to armed outlaws by buying food for a militant. Last September a man was sentenced to one year in prison for the same offence. (RFE/RL, 19/3)
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