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Week-ending 30 October 2015

Returning the 

GULAG museum


agent’ law

Don Women 




stake frozen

On 29/10, in an event on Lubyanka Square. ‘Returning the Names’, members of the public honoured the memory of those executed during the Great Terror. (RFE/RL, 29/10)

On 30/10 a new state-run museum on the history of the GULAG system opened in central Moscow. (RFE/RL, 30/10)

Law enforcement 
On 28/10 director of the Library of Ukrainian literature Natalya Sharina and head of the Association of Ukrainians in Russia Valery Semenenko were detained. Police searched their homes and the Library. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 29/10)

Right of association
On 27/10 reports said the Justice Ministry has proposed legal amendments requiring NGOs designated as “foreign agents” to supply the Ministry with more information about their work and setting a procedure for the government to shut down NGOs deemed “foreign agents”. (The Moscow Times, 28/10)

On 27/10 the Rostov region's Don Women rights group became the latest addition to the list of NGOs deemed “foreign agents.” (The Moscow Times, 28/10)

Freedom of expression
On 26/10 Swedish media company Modern Times Group said it has sold its Russian and international pay television businesses to comply with a law restricting ownership of Russian media by foreigners. (The Moscow Times, 26/10)

On 28/10 a Moscow court rejected an appeal by Mikhail Anshakov against a criminal investigation against him after his NGO, Public Control, warned tourists of the legal consequences of visiting Crimea. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 28/10)

On 24/10 members of two pro-Kremlin organizations attacked 75-year-old Vladimir Ionov holding a single-person picket outside the History Museum in Moscow. They threatened to do the same to “all those who insult Putin, insult Russia. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 24/10)

On 29/10 the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company said its stake in French broadcaster Euronews has been frozen as part of a $50bn damages case brought by ex-shareholders in Yukos. (The Moscow Times, 29/10)


On 24/10 nineteen-year-old Vadim Kostenko died at an air base in Syria -- the first confirmed death of a Russian serviceman in the country. (RFE/RL, 28/10)
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