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Week-ending 11 September 2015






Imam slain

Koran verses ‘extremist’

Women’s rights


UN figures for Ukraine casualties
On 10/9 a Moscow court sentenced Vladimir Podrezov to 27 months in jail for taking part in a pro-Ukraine stunt to paint a Soviet red star atop a Stalin-era skyscraper in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. (RFE/RL, 10/9)

On 11/9 Nikolai Kavkazsky, a key defendant in the ‘Bolotnaya Square’ trials, was attacked and beaten by two unknown assailants. (RFE/RL, 11/9)

Freedom of expresion
On 7/9 it was reported the newspaper Kommersant deleted from its website a series of quotes referring to Putin and Medvedev from the transcript of an interview with opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The previous version of the interview is available in Google’s cache (and again here). (Meduza, 7/9)

On 8/9 Maxim Zimin, director general of Edipresse-Konliga, 100 percent owned by Swiss publishing group Edipresse, said the company had sold its Russian assets. Legislation passed last year limiting foreign ownership of Russian media that comes into force on 1/1/16. (The Moscow Times, 9/9)

On 11/9 Aleksandr Gorbunov, alleged organizer of a brutal attack on journalist Oleg Kashin five years ago, was released from pretrial detention, sparking fears investigators are trying to shield influential figures possibly linked to the crime. (RFE/RL, 11/9)

Freedom of conscience
On 9/9 Magomed Khidirov, an imam in Dagestan, was shot dead by two masked men while he was on his way to a mosque in Novy Kurush. (RFE/RL, 9/9)

On 10/9 the Russian Council of Muftis said it would appeal against an August ruling by a judge in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk banning a book on the grounds it included verses of the Koran that are ‘extremist’. On 9/9 Ramazan Kadyrov had criticized the same court decision. (RFE/RL, 10/9)

A World Bank report released on 9/9 said women in Russia are barred from 456 types of jobs. (The Moscow Times, 11/9)

On 10/9 the widow and sons of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn published an open letter to a self-proclaimed Stalinist who desecrated a new monument to the writer. (RFE/RL, 11/9)

On 8/9, the United Nations said at least 7,962 people have been killed and 17,811 wounded in the conflict in Ukraine. The UN said the figure is a conservative estimate (RFE/RL, 8/9)
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