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Week-ending 16 December 2016

For Nature






15 detained


Protest banned

EUSP licence

Trial to continue

Fine rescinded




Right of association
On 13/12 a court in Chelyabinsk ordered the NGO 'For nature', designated a 'foreign agent', to be shut down. (RAPSI, 13/12)

On 14/12 reports said Lilia Shibanova, founder of Golos, is being prevented from leaving Russia. (EPDE, 14/12)

On 16/12 a Moscow court dismissed an application by Memorial to be removed from “foreign agents” list. (RAPSI, 16/12)

Freedom of expression
On 12/12 Moscow Arbitration Court ruled RBC must pay 390,000RR in damages to Rosneft. (The Moscow Times, 12/12)

On 13/12 Petr Pavlensky applied to the ECtHR over violations of freedom of expression and fair trial rights. (RAPSI, 13/12)

On 15/12 the Moscow City Court reduced a fine imposed on blogger Anton Nosik convicted of extremism. (RAPSI, 15/12)

Right of assembly
On 12/12 at least 15 people were detained in Moscow for reading the Constitution aloud. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 13/12)

On 13/12 the ECtHR ruled rights of Garry Kasparov were violated during a 2007 rally in Moscow. (RAPSI, 13/12)

On 16/12 Moscow authorities banned a planned protest in support of jailed Turkmen journalists. (RFE/RL, 16/12)

European University in St Petersburg
On 13/12 the EUSP said a court had granted temporary reprieve against the revocation of its licence. (The Moscow Times, 14/12)

Aleksei Navalny
On 12/12 a district court in Kirov dismissed a motion to drop the case against Aleksei Navalny. (RAPSI, 12/12)

On 14/12 Moscow City Court overturned on appeal a ruling to recover 16 million roubles ($258,000) from Aleksei Navalny in favour of Kirovles company. (RAPSI, 14/12)

Military service
On 13/12 12 soldiers serving in Chechnya were said dismissed for refusing to deploy to Syria. (The Moscow Times, 13/12)

On 12/12 a court in Crimea prolonged pretrial detention for Crimean Tatar activist Ahtem Ciygoz for another three months. (RFE/RL, 12/12)

On 14/12 the Supreme Court banned Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev from entering the country. (RAPSI, 14/12)

On 15/12 Moscow City Court upheld on appeal the extension of pre-trial detention for Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, charged with espionage. (RAPSI, 15/12)
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