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Week-ending 30 December 2016


Sova Centre





Two killed





Right of association
On 27/12 the Justice Ministry added Southern Human Rights Centre to the ‘foreign agent’ register. (Caucasian Knot, 27/12)

On 30/12 the Justice Ministry added the Sova Centre to the foreign agent register. (The Moscow Times, 30/12)

Freedom of expression
On 28/12 the Chuvash Republic Supreme Court upheld a two-year suspended sentence given to Nikolai Egorov for reposting extremist content on VKontakte social network. (RAPSI, 28/12)

On 28/12 reports said the Investigative Committee has brought criminal charges for extremism against Roman Grishin for reposting a video clip critical of Russian actions in Ukraine back in 2014. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 28/12)

Right of assembly
On 28/12 a Moscow court extended pre-trial detention for Bolotnaya Square defendant Maksim Panfilov until 14/6/17. (RAPSI, 28/12)

On 23/12 Aleksei Knedlyakovsky and Victor Chirikov were jailed in Krasnodar for 15 days for alleged involvement in fixing a wooden crucifix to a monument to Feliks Dzerzhinsky. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 27/12; Caucasian Knot, 28/12)

North Caucasus
On 24/12 law enforcement agents shot dead two alleged militants near of Teletl, Dagestan. (Caucasian Knot, 24/12)

On 28/12 Umakhan Umakhanov, from Kokrek in Dagestan, was kidnapped by armed men in masks. (Caucasian Knot, 28/12)

On 26/12 the Investigative Committee said allegations of kidnapping and violence against journalist Zhalaudi Geriev had not been confirmed. On 28/12 the Supreme Court of Chechnya upheld the conviction of Geriev on charges of possessing marijuana. (Caucasian Knot, 26/12; 28/12)

Crimea / Ukraine
As of 25/12 Russia is reportedly planning to hospitalize Crimean Tatar activist Nedim Khalidov, held in a Krasnodar detention centre and on hunger strike. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 27/12)

On 27/12 the Supreme Court ruled in the cases of four Crimean Tatars, allowing the prosecutor’s appeal against one 7-year sentence, while rejecting appeals brought by four others against their 5-year sentences. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 28/12) 

On 29/12 the Supreme Court of Chechnya upheld on appeal the sentence of Stanislav Klykh to a month of corrective labour for insulting the public prosecutor. (Caucasian Knot, 31/12)
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