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Week-ending 1 July 2016

Websites blocked


Valentina Cherevatenko


Demolitions in Moscow


Federation Council

Oleg Navalny

Nikita Belykh


Freedom of expression
On 29/6 a Moscow court ruled to ban four websites for providing information on how to avoid compulsory military service. (The Moscow Times, 29/6)

On 30/6 Vladimir Luzgin was convicted and fined 200,000 roubles for reposting on his social network page a text stating the USSR invaded Poland in 1939. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 1/7)

Right of association
On 28/6 reports said for the first time criminal charges for fraudulent evasion of the ‘foreign agent law have been brought in the case of Valentina Cherevatenko, chair of the NGO Women of the Don. (Meduza via Vedomosti, 28/6)

On 29/6, Ella Pamfilova, head of the Central Election Commission, rejected a plea by Aleksei Navalny, who demanded that the government register his political group, The Party of Progress. (Meduza, 29/6)

Property rights
On 28/6 Moscow Mayor Sobyanin announced the demolition of another 107 pavilions that, according to the city authorities, were built illegally. (The Moscow Times, 28/6)

On 29/6 the Federation Council passed an anti-terrorism legislation package that includes far-reaching surveillance initiatives, harsher punishments for inciting or justifying terrorism online, and an increase in the number of crimes with which children can be charged. (The Moscow Times, 29/6)

On 29/6 the Federation Council planned to consider a whopping 160 new laws as it scrambled to wrap things up before summer recess. (RFE/RL, 29/6)

High profile cases
On 27/6 Aleksei Navalny said his jailed brother Oleg’s request for early release had been rejected by prison authorities. (RFE/RL, 27/6)

On 29/ 6 Nikita Belykh, a Kirov regional governor and Kremlin critic who was detained on bribery charges this week, started a hunger strike. (RFE/RL, 30/6)

On 1/7 charges case against Dmitry Kameshchik, owner of Moscow's Domodedovo Airport under house arrest since February, was dismissed by Moscow City Court. (The Moscow Times, 1/7)

North Caucasus
On 27/6 the remains of two men were found inside an exploded car in Dagestan. (RFE/RL, 28/6)
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