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Week-ending 22 July 2016

Protest banned            
Constitutional Court   

Leonid Volkov                    
Primorsky Partisans            

Investigative Committee


Death in custody 

Unpaid wages 

Artem Shestakov 

Pavel Sheremet 

Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch
Right of assembly 
On 22/7 Moscow City Hall withdrew permission for a protest against new anti-terror laws given earlier. (The Moscow Times, 22/7) 

On 22/7 the Constitutional Court ruled activists at public rallies can partially cover their faces so long as it does not present a ‘significant obstacle to identification.’ (The Moscow Times, 22/7)

Justice system
On 21/7 prosecutors demanded a two-year suspended sentence in the trial of activist Leonid Volkov, charged with preventing the work of a journalist. (The Moscow Times, 21/7)

On 20/7 a Vladivostok court cleared five imprisoned men known as the Primorsky Partisans originally convicted of a 2009 quadruple murder. Three of the five remain in prison for other crimes. (RFE/RL, 20/7)

On 19/7 the FSB detained employees of the Moscow Investigative Committee over alleged bribery. (The Moscow Times, 19/7)

On 19/7 Moscow police said they recorded a 25% increase in extremist crimes, and an 86% rise in online extremism, in the first half of 2016. (The Moscow Times, 19/7)

On 21/7 Yaroslavl police said a suspect being questioned died when he jumped from a local police station window. (Meduza, 21/7)

Social rights 
On 22/7, over 200 construction workers went on strike at Vostochny Cosmodrome over unpaid wages. (The Moscow Times, 22/7)

On 18/7 the FSB arrested Artem Shestakov, an OSCE interpreter in eastern Ukraine, on charges of spying. (The Moscow Times, 18/7)

On 20/7 Pavel Sheremet, a journalist and friend of Boris Nemtsov, was killed by a car bomb in Kiev. (The Moscow Times, 21/7)

On 21/7 Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch accused the Ukrainian government and Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine of arbitrary detention and torture of civiliians. (AIHRW, 21/7)
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