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Week-ending 10 June 2016

Jehovah’s Witnesses


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St Petersburg 

Roman Roslovtsev


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Council of Europe
Freedom of conscience
On 9/6 the Supreme Court ordered a regional branch of Jehovah's Witnesses to be closed as ‘extremist’.  (The Moscow Times, 9/6)

Freedom of expression
On 8/6 Petr Pavlensky was convicted of harming a cultural site, fined and ordered to pay damages (The Moscow Times, 8/6)

On 8/6 media watchdog Roskomnadzor blacklisted an online Vice Magazine article from November 2012 on grounds it ‘promotes shoplifting.’ (The Moscow Times, 8/6)

From 8/6 more than 100 regional newspapers across Russia are to print reader warnings against ‘false news’ on state-run federal channel NTV. (The Moscow Times, 8/6)

On 10/6 the paper Pskovskaya Guberniya said it received a warning from Roskomnadzor after referring to the Right Sector group without saying it is banned. (The Moscow Times, 10/6)

Right of assembly
On 4/6 a court sentenced blogger and journalist Aleksandr Valov to 5 days in jail on charges of ‘organizing a public event in a near-border zone.’ Valov was arrested on 3/6 while working with a US film crew near Sochi. (Global Voices, 6/6)

On 4/6 at least 50 Crimeans were violently dispersed by police as they held a peaceful protest against commercial outlets on a beach in Crimea. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 4/6)

On 6/6 hundreds of demonstrators in St. Petersburg protested against a proposal to name a new bridge after the late Chechen President Akhmad-hadzhi Kadyrov. (RFE/RL, 7/6) 

On 10/6 Roman Roslovtsev was sentenced to 30 days in jail for walking to Red Square that day in a Putin mask carrying a placard 'I am not afraid of Article 212.1' (Maxim Chekanov, Facebook)

Right of association
On 10/6 a Tyva region court sentenced Kyrgyz national Azamat Kasymbek-Uulu to five years in jail for recruiting members to the banned Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir. (RFE/RL, 10/6)

On 9/6 the lawyer for Aleksei Pichugin said President Putin had denied a petition by Pichugin for a pardon. (RFE/RL, 10/6)

On 7/6 the Federal Bailiff service said 750k roubles awarded to Mikhail Khodorkovsky by the ECtHR had been transferred to the federal budget to pay tax arrears. (The Moscow Times, 7/6)

Council of Europe 
On 7/6 the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) criticized Russia for not fulfilling key recommendations in three years. (The Moscow Times, 7/6)

On 10/6 the Venice Commission said the RF law on undesirable foreign NGOs should be modified, and adopted a final opinion on the Constitutional Court law. (Council of Europe, 10/6)
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