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Week-ending 6 May 2016

Sergei Reznik

Aleksandr Rubtsov



Activists hacked


Interior Ministry

Bolotnaya Square


Residency permits


Ramazan Dzhalaldinov

Three killed

Nadya Savchenko
Freedom of expression
On 2/5 the U.S. State Department urged Russia to free Sergei Reznik, an imprisoned journalist from Rostov. (RFE/RL, 2/5)

On 3/5 Aleksandr Rubtsov, editor at Natsionalnaya Sluzhba Novostei, was found murdered. (The Moscow Times, 6/5)

On 5/5 blogger Andrei Bubeev was found guilty by a Tver court of extremism and calling for separatism and sentenced to 2 years in a penal colony. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 6/5)

On 5/5 a study said the number of people convicted for extremism in Russia has increased threefold over the past five years. (The Moscow Times, 5/5)

Right to privacy
Activists Oleg Kozlovsky and Georgy Alburov reported their phones and Telegram accounts hacked (The Moscow Times, 5/5)

Right of assembly
On 1/5 police arrested nearly 20 activists from the LGBTI community at the St. Petersburg May Day parade after they unfurled a rainbow flag on Nevsky Prospect. (Meduza, 1/5)

On 5/5 reports said the Interior Ministry purchased 120 Shmel portable flame rocket launchers. (The Moscow Times, 5/5)

On 6/5 police detained eight protestors on Bolotnaya Square marking the 4th anniversary of the 2012 protest. (OVD-Info, 6/5)

Justice system
On 4/5 Kommersant reported the Prison Service has asked judges and investigators to limit the number of suspects remanded in custody due to overcrowding in detention centres. (RAPSI, 4/5)

On 2/5 President Putin signed a law to help refugees receive residency permits more quickly. (The Moscow Times, 2/5)

On 4/5 Meduza reported the Communist Party in Novosibirsk paid for 25 billboards with a portrait of Stalin as part of Victory Day celebrations. (Meduza, 4/5)

North Caucasus
On 2/5 Ramazan Dzhalaldinov, from the village of Kenkhi in Chechnya, who lodged a complaint with Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika requesting legal action against Kadyrov for publicly insulting him, was reported missing. (RFE/RL, 4/5)

On 4/5 authorities said they killed three militants overnight in Dagestan's central Kizilyurt district. (RFE/RL, 4/5)

On 4/5 Russia indicated Savchenko’s extradition would require Ukraine to uphold her sentence. (The Moscow Times, 4/5)
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