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Week-ending 14 April 2017



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Jail terms
LGBT rights
On 8/4 activist Igor Kochetkov said the ICC should investigate the persecution of gays in Chechnya. Reports say detained men are kept in two secret prisons, with several hundred rounded up and some killed. (Caucasian Knot, 8/4, 10/4; The Guardian, 13/4)

On 13/4 UN human rights experts and the OSCE called for urgent action by Russian authorities to end and investigate persecution of gay men in Chechnya. (RFE/RL, 13/4)

On 14/4 Novaya Gazeta appealed to the Kremlin for protection, after Chechen religious leaders called for retribution for an article on persecution of gay men in the region. (RFE/RL, 14/4)

On 14/4 the Duma’s anti-corruption committee rejected a bill to ban politicians and their families from owning property abroad. (The Moscow Times, 14/4)

European Court of Human Rights
On 12/4 the State Duma ratified protocol №. 15, introducing changes to the ECHR. (RAPSI, 12/4)

On 13/4 the European Court of Human Rights ruled Russia failed to protect the hostages of the Beslan school siege. (BBC, 13/4)

Freedom of expression
On 10/4 Roskomnadzor announced plans to block mobile app Zello truckers used to organize protests. (Global Voices, 10/4)

On 10/4 Aleksei Navalny was released from jail after serving a 15-day sentence imposed after the 26/3 demos. (RFE/RL, 10/4)

On 13/4 opposition politician Vyacheslav Maltsev reportedly suffered a heart attack after police sawed through his apartment door in Saratov and arrested him. (The Moscow Times, 13/4)

North Caucasus
On 8/4 two traffic police officers were killed by automatic weapon fire in Malgobek, Ingushetia. (Caucasian Knot, 8/4)

On 9/4 relatives of Malgobek resident Magomed Kartoev. who complained of intimidation by law enforcers, reported his disappearance. (Caucasian Knot, 11/4)

On 11/4 three men were shot dead in a shootout with law enforcement officers in Dagestan. (Caucasian Knot, 11/4)

On 10/4 reports said courts in Crimea have now twice banned relatives and friends from attending court hearings into extending periods of pre-trial detention. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 10/4)

On 13/4 armed, masked men detained 7 Crimean Tatars; six were jailed for periods up to 12 days. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 14/4)
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