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Week-ending 31 March 2017









Social media

'Undesirable' NGOs



Two killed




Right of assembly
On 26/3 police dispersed protests against corruption in cities across Russia, arresting more than 1,000 in Moscow, including organizer Aleksei Navalny. (RFE/RL; 27/3, 30/3)

On 27/3 Navalny and was jailed for 15 days for resisting police orders; 12 staff of the Anti-Corruption Foundation were jailed; police seized Foundation equipment and occupied its offices. (BBC, 27/3; RFE/RL, 29/3, 30/3; The Moscow Times, 28/3)

On 27/3 Andrei Bazhutin, head of the United Truckers of Russia, was detained in St. Petersburg. (RFE/RL, 27/3)

On 29/3 a Moscow court ordered Bolotnaya Square defendant Maksim Panfilov undergo psychiatric treatment. (RAPSI, 29/3)

Freedom of expression
On 28/3 journalist Sergei Khazov-Cassia and cameraman Andrei Kostyanov were attacked in Krasnodar region. (RFE/RL, 28/3)

On 28/3 a court fined Dmitry Pankov 1,000 roubles for a post about a previous ‘extremism’ charge. (RFE/RL, 28/3)

On 28/3 the Supreme Court upheld a 2.5-year sentence given to blogger Aleksei Kungurov. (RAPSI, 28/3)

On 28/3 President Putin signed a law to restrict broadcasting from courts. (The Moscow Times, 29/3; RAPSI, 28/3)

On 31/3 reports said prosecutors were demanding social-media accounts calling for protests on 2/4 be blocked. (RFE/RL, 31/3)

Right of association
On 28/3 President Putin signed a law banning undesirable foreign NGOs from creating Russian entities. (RAPSI, 28/3)

On 29/3 reports said the ECtHR is processing cases of Russian NGOs branded as ‘foreign agents.’ (The Moscow Times, 29/3)

On 29/3 the FSB carried out searches at the Scientology centre in Losino-Petrovsky, Moscow region. (RAPSI, 29/3)

North Caucasus
On 30/3 two armed men were killed in Urus-Martan, Chechnya, authorities said. (Caucasian Knot, 30/3)

On 30/3 in Makhachkala police detained Ikramudin Aliev, a journalist and human rights expert. (Caucasian Knot, 30/3)

On 28/3 Crimean Tatar rights lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was summoned for questioning. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 29/3)

On 29/3 Tatar activist Belyal Adilov was seized by masked men outside the Crimea High Court. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 30/3) 

On 30/3 Tatar activist Remzi Bekirov was jailed for three days in Crimea. (Human Rights in Ukraine, 31/3)
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