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Week-ending 24 November 2017

On 20/11 Yaroslav Belousov, convicted in connection with the 2012 Bolotnaya Square protest, appealed to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe claiming Russia failed to comply with an ECtHR ruling. (RAPSI, 20/11)

On 20/11 Volgograd Regional Court upheld on appeal the pre-trial detention of Yury Golder, a member of the city’s Human Rights Council. (Caucasian Knot, 21/11)

On 20/11 Fedor Laptev, a volunteer working for Aleksei Navalny and an LGBT activist, said he had left Novocherkassk after being threatened with prosecution. (Caucasian Knot, 20/11)

On 23/11 elderly Crimean Tatar activist Vedzhie Kashka died after being caught up in an incident in which Russian security officers in Crimea detained her associates. (RFE/RL, 23/11)

On 23/11 Darya Poliudova was visited by police who forced her to write explanatory letters concerning participation in a recent picket and an online post about police. (Caucasian Knot, 24/11)

Freedom of expression
On 22/11 Ksenia Sobchak posted a letter on Instagram from the Prosecutor-General’s Office promising to investigate a statement by her that Crimea is Ukraine. (Navalny vs. Putin, 22/11)

On 22/11 the Federation Council approved legislation, criticized by the Human Rights Council on 20/11, to allow foreign media receiving financing from abroad to be designated as “foreign agents.” (RAPSI, 20/11; RFE/RL, 22/11)

Right of association
On 21/11 a Moscow court returned the case of the Sova Centre, charged under the law banning foreign undesirable organizations, to a lower court. (Front Line Defenders, 22/11)

The Courts
On 21/11 a Moscow court fined journalist Ali Feruz, an Uzbek citizen, for working illegally and ruled he should be deported to Uzbekistan, but suspended the decision. (RFE/RL, 22/11)

On 24/11 the Constitutional Court said all litigants should have access to classified case documents. (RAPSI, 24/11)

Places of detention
On 21/11 the ECtHR found a violation of Article 2 of the Convention in the case of Molda Kaimov, who died of TB in a prison colony. (Caucasian Knot 21/11)

On 21/11 the father of Ukrainian citizen Pavel Grib, on remand in Krasnodar on charges of terrorism, said his son is being denied access to necessary medicines. (Caucasian Knot, 21/11)

On 18/11 two alleged militants who reportedly attacked a police post in Chechnya were killed. (Caucasian Knot, 19/11)

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