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Mikhail Savva: FSB officers in Krasnodar questioned NGO director for 9 hours

9 April 2013

Source: Zhivaya Kuban 

On 9 April, Mikhail Savva, member of the board of the Southern Regional Resource Centre, said that FSB officers in Krasondar had unlawfully questioned the director of one of the regional non-profit organizations for several hours. Mikhail Savva has sent Zhivaya Kuban a letter describing the questioning of the director of the Information Training Centre, Elena Shablo.

He also pointed out that, for reasons he did not know, the FSB was looking into the spending of budget subsidies (grants) by four NGOs in Krasnodar Territory.

“At 7:30 am on 8 April 2013 a group of employees of the Directorate of the Federal Security Service (FSB) for Krasnodar Territory called at the home of Elena Shablo, head of the NGO the Information Training Centre, and took her away,” Savva wrote.

“The fate of Elena did not become known until 5:00 pm. All this time she did not answer her phone. She did not eat anything. They tried to get a confession out of her, but confessing to something you haven't done is not easy,” the letter states.

According to Mikhail Savva, for several hours Shablo’s relatives tried to get in touch with her.

“Elena's young son tried every few minutes to phone her and was in shock,” the letter states.

“I received this information from Elena's mother and began ringing my colleagues, members of the Public Oversight Commission for Krasnodar Territory, to ask them to organise an inspection of the detention cells of the FSB Directorate for Krasnodar Territory, if Elena did not turn up... She was not released until around 5:00 pm. It is possible that she was released because I had a telephone conversation about the inspections and I know my phone is tapped,” political scientist Mikhail Savva said. 

Савва также уточнил, что, "отпуская фактически бессознательного человека после девятичасовых экспериментов над ним, сотрудники УФСБ сознательно не поставили в протоколе время окончания этого "мероприятия", чтобы отрицать совершенное ими нарушение".

Savva also said that, "releasing a virtually unconscious person after 9 hours of their experiments, the FSB officers intentionally did not write the time of the end of this ‘operation’ in the official record, in order to deny that they had committed any offence.” 

"The fact is that neither questioning nor interrogation can last any longer than four hours,” Mikhail Savva concluded in his letter.

"We don’t comment on this information,” the press service of the Krasnodar FSB told Zhivaya Kuban.

The FSB also pointed out that the inspections of NGOs were being conducted throughout the country on the instructions of the head of state.