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No. 37, 22 October 2012

Rights in Russia: Week-ending 19 October 2012 

Ludmila Alekseeva: 'Surely, we won't remain silent now?'

Ludmila Alekseeva: 'It's hard to believe that little girl was really me!'

Lev Ponomarev: 'Does This Not Remind Us Of Something?'

Pavel Chikov writes in Forbes on 'How Samutsevich’s new lawyer got her out of prison'

Andrei Kalikh: New Report on Corruption and Human Rights in Russia

Russia On My Mind: Losing It On Oil 

Russian Media 
Stanislav Dmitrievsky: Welcome to Hell in English 
Ministry Does Not Feel Like Commenting on "Foreign Agents" 

European Court of Human Rights To Rule on Pichugin Case 

Life for Non-Profits After 21 November: Some Recommendations 

Federal Human Rights Ombudsman and Director of Federal Penitentiary Service Discuss Situation in Penal Colonies in Tatarstan 

Nord-Ost Theatre Siege: Who Is Going To Answer For The Botched Rescue Mission?

Moscow City Court ratifies the "legality" of substituting extradition with deportation. The final word remains with Strasbourg 

European Intellectuals Call for Release of Pussy Riot

The Investigation into the Murder of Anna Politkovskaya has been Completed 

Investigative Committee refuses to overturn plea bargain with person accused of murdering Anna Politkovskaya 

Activist on Hunger Strike Is Refused Hospitalisation

The Osipova Case: European Court of Human Rights Calls into Question Practice of Entrapment 

Former Head of YUKOS Subsidiary Released

Gay activists continue to receive threats after attack on gay club

20 NGOs Closed Down in Ingushetia for “Links to Foreign Intelligence Services”

Internet Freedom in Russia 
Estonia Grants Political Asylum to Blogger Who Criticised Russian Orthodox Church 

Case Against Blogger Critical of Russian Orthodox Church Suspended In Karelia