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No. 39, 5 November 2012

Rights in Russia: Week-ending 2 November 2012 

Pavel Chikov on the Registration Procedure for 'Foreign Agents' 

Georgy Satarov: In Praise of Elena Masyuk 

Lev Ponomarev: Three Trials - Three Parallels of Lies and Infamy

Georgy Satarov: My Confession

Andrei Kovalev: A List of Violators of Intellectual Freedom? in English
Attack on Office of Human Rights Organization in Nizhny Novgorod 

Court Cuts Platon Lebedev’s Sentence

"The Return of Names" at the Solovetsky Stone

Victim of Special Riot Police Takes Case to Investigative Committee

Will Yet Another Refugee Be Kidnapped in Russia?

Pichugin Trial Unfair. Full text of the Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights Available in Russian

Ukrainian Border Guards Withhold Information about Razvozzhaev, Human Rights Activists Uncover Evidence of Torture

“The Plight of Political Prisoners is Knocking at our Hearts.” Reports

In Memory of Those from Ryazan who were Victims of Soviet Repression

Pavel Chikov on the Registration Procedure for 'Foreign Agents': 'It Looks Like a Confession to Espionage'

International Memorial Society: ‘Once again Russia is being pushed down a familiar and tragic path’

The First Months of Work of the Archive Website (+ Video)

Aleksandr Cherkasov: "Once We Stop Grappling With Who We Are And Where We Come From, Our Future Becomes Unpredictable"

State Duma Proposes Ban on Criticism of Political Parties in Russia

Live Video. Moscow. Lubyanka

One Hour Eighteen Minutes - a play about Sergei Magnitsky at London's Sputnik Theatre