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No. 43, 3 December 2012

Rights in Russia: Week-ending 30 November 2012 

Boris Altshuler: An Appeal in Defence of Suren Gazaryan 

Ludmila Alekseeva: "Help Moscow Helsinki Group"

Lev Ponomarev: On the Events at Kopeisk Penal Colony

Lev Ponomarev: "We were all on Bolotnaya Square. Arrest us!"

Georgy Satarov: Putin As Déjà Vu

Jens Siegert: On Serdiukov’s Downfall, Putin’s Illness and the Consolidation of the System

Russian media Aleksandr Podrabinek: Time to go out onto the streets 

Internet Freedom in Russia
Damir Gainutdinov on Regulation versus Technology on RuNet 

Russian NGOs
Intruders Again Target Memorial: "Here Sits a Foreign Agent" 

Perm Civic Chamber: Round Up of Civic Action Successes in English 
Two criminal cases against Leonid Razvozzhaev consolidated into one

Damage from Demonstration on Bolotnaya Square Assessed at 28.5 Million Roubles

Moscow City Court upholds extension of detention for suspects detained following May 6 Bolotnaya Square demonstration

Ludmila Alekseeva: There is no tangible reform of the Russian penal system

Should we appeal against the "foreign agents" law? report from the "Strasbourg Sessions"

Members of Public Oversight Committee Call for Independent Investigation into Events at Kopeisk

Investigators assess video showing beating of prisoner in Rostov penal colony

Kopeisk: "Just don't forsake us!"

Media Bill on Foreign Agents Once Again Goes To State Duma

Court extends pre-trial detention of suspect in Politkovskaya murder case

Federal Ombudsman on Kopeisk: "A superficial investigation could aggravate the situation"

Released Physicist Danilov Arrives in Novosibirsk

Investigative Committee brings final charges against Lutskevich in Bolotnaya Square case

Rights Defenders from Mari El celebrate 13 years of Individual and the Law