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No. 44, 10 December 2012

Rights in Russia: Week-ending 7 December 2012 

Rights in Russia: November 2012

From the Russian media 
Ludmila Alekseeva: “We are considered the most harmful, that just goes to show our work has had a positive impact” 

Aleksandr Cherkasov: An Ordinary Journalist, an Ordinary Murder 

Sergei Kovalev on the conformism of the intelligentsia, absolute values, and Anna Akhmatova

Pavel Chikov & Igor Kaliapin discuss the New NGO Law: To Wear or Not to Wear the “Yellow Star”?

Russian NGOs
Urals Democratic Foundation: Nikolai Shchur on the 5 December 2012 visit to Penal Colony No. 6 

Urals Democratic Foundation: Brief Expert Assessment of the Incident at Penal Colony No. 6

Coming Out: UN Committee against Torture: Russian authorities should publicly condemn violence against LGBT people in English
Prime Minister Medvedev Expresses Support for Human Rights Organizations 

Logic Behind the Register of Agents

Hundred-Year Ban on Gay Prides Taken to European Court

Voronezh Environmental Activist Aleksei Kozlov Threatened

Moscow to host the Stalker International Human Rights Film Festival

Leonid Razvozzhaev appeals to unidentified police officer

Moscow City Court revokes decision to initiate proceedings on Nord-Ost

Control over the Internet: No Success at First Attempt

Charges Brought Against Razvozzhaev for Illegally Crossing the Border

Sova Centre: Racism and Xenophobia in Russia in November 2012

Kazan penal colony staff prosecuted for violating inmates’ rights

Taisiya Osipova transferred to a penal colony in Tver region

New Bolotnaya Square Prosecution

Constitutional Court Considers Complaint about Law on Rallies