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No. 46, 24 December 2012

Rights in Russia: Week-ending 21 December 2012 

Comment on Rights in Russia 

Georgy Satarov: 'It Stinks'

Georgy Satarov on Putin and the Bill to Ban US Adoptions: "I Don't Understand"

Lev Ponomarev on Sergei Pashin

Jens Siegert on the Protest Movement One Year On: The Ice Has Broken!

From the Russian media

Aleksandr Podrabinek on the need for independent courts

Aleksandr Podrabinek on the Protest Movement 

Grigory Yavlinsky: "A sickening, cruel, unjust and despicable decision" 

Public Oversight Commission for Places of Detention, Chelyabinsk region

What has the leadership of the Chelyabinsk POC been trying to hide from the press? in English

Maria Alekhina on the "Zone"

Federal Human Rights Ombudsman on the Bill to Ban US Adoptions: "This contradicts the laws of the Russian Federation" 

Members of Presidential Human Rights Council Comment on Voronezh Raid

Andrei Yurov on the Police Raids in Voronezh

Civic Activist Suren Gazaryan Forced to Leave Russia

Offices at Human Rights House in Voronezh Searched

‘An Uzbek Razvozzhaev’: Another Refugee Kidnapped in Russia 

"This isn't amending a law. It's a crime." 

Woman Arrested at Lubyanka Protest Declares Hunger Strike 

Ludmila Alekseeva on preparations for the trials of suspects in the '6 May case' 

Voronezh: Homes of Civil Activists Searched (+ Video) 

The Supreme Court, the FSB and illegal wire-tapping 

Krasnodar Environmentalist Placed on Wanted List 

Ex-police officer, accomplice in Politkovskaya murder, sentenced to 11 years 

Human Rights Council Tells President Penalties for Defamation Should Be Reduced

Four Pussy Riot video clips ruled extremist 

The Same Old Story: the Persecution of Opposition Leader Navalny 

Arrests started late in the afternoon. reports from the protests at the Solovetsky Stone

Court Refuses to Overturn Pavliuchenkov’s Plea Bargain