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No. 16 (22 April) 2013

Rights in Russia: Week-ending 19 April 2013 

Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights: March 2013

Comment on Rights in Russia
Pavel Chikov - 'A personal challenge to the president: how will these mass inspections of NGOs end?' (Forbes)

Lev Ponomarev on the 'foreign agents' law: 'To those who don't understand' (Echo of Moscow)

Lev Ponomarev: Human rights defender attacked in Kemerovo (Echo of Moscow)

From the Russian media
'Anyone can become a spy' (Svobodnaya pressa)

A Radioactive Billion for NGOs (Nezavisimaya gazeta)

Yabloko press release (12 April 2013): 'Prominent human rights defender Mikhail Savva arrested by FSB' (Yabloko)

Mikhail Savva: FSB officers in Krasnodar questioned NGO director for 9 hours (Zhivaya Kuban) 

Mikhail Savva: 'Civilized norms of the Middle Ages' (Novaya gazeta)

Criminal Prosecution of Mikhail Savva is Politically Motivated, His Wife Believes (Caucasian Knot) 

Union of Journalists of Russia: The Death of Mikhail Beketov in English
Memorial Society nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 

European Court of Human Rights: Annulment of adoption of Ageyev children violates Convention

Moscow Rally in support of Navalny and political prisoners

Boris Akunin: If Navalny is jailed

Pussy Riot member Maria Alekhina to be moved to ‘normal regime’ section within Perm penal colony

Public Prosecutor’s Office in Kostroma identifies NGO as “foreign agent” for holding roundtable with political advisor from US Embassy

Inspections of NGOs: resources spent and results obtained

Accusing NGOs of engaging in political activity is a denial of citizens' constitutional rights

Court postpones hearing of parole petition by Maria Alekhina until the end of May

Law enforcement agencies inspect Jehovah's Witnesses

Statement by the Presidential Council on Civil Society & Human Rights

Russian government admits Taisiya Osipova was kept in inhumane conditions

Support campaign for people charged in Bolotnaya case continues

Boris Akunin: For those who are not indifferent

Police report on 6 May 2012 events at Bolotnaya Square published