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No. 22 (3 June) 2013

Rights in Russia: Week-ending 31 May 2013 

Comment on Rights in Russia
Georgy Satarov: “Spring Flare-up: The ‘Agents’ Case.” Part Three (Ezhednevnyi zhurnal) 

Georgy Satarov: "Spring Flare-up: the 'Agents' case." Part Two (Ezhednevnyi zhurnal)

From the Russian media
"The logic of the law enforcement agencies equates the expert community with foreign agents" (Vedomosti) 

"Rights activists get warning, but not considered 'foreign agents' " (Vedomosti) in English
Greenpeace wants to bring Voronezh region private security firm to justice 

Two violent attacks against anti-development protesters in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod in one day

Government departments at loss to explain Putin's billion dollars for NGOs

Court declares a second NGO in Russia to be "foreign agent"

Levada Centre decides to do without foreign funding

Mikhail Fedotov: Experts on the Yukos case acted within the law

Moscow City Court has no doubts about legality of Pussy Riot convictions

A billion dollars not subject to disclosure

Maria Alekhina hospitalized on seventh day of hunger strike

Abductions continue in Chechnya

Memorial Appeals against Prosecutor’s Office’s Order to Register as Foreign Agent

Prisoners at Kopeisk Penal Colony No.6 stage protest

Sakharov Centre overcomes bureaucratic hurdles to stage Freedom Festival

Maria Alekhina continues hunger strike in penal colony

Russian Government Supports Tightening ‘Anti-Extremism’ Laws

Prosecution of ‘foreign agents’ continues in St. Petersburg

Sociologists speak out in support of Levada Centre

Court to hear appeal against fine issued to director of Golos on 14 June

Prosecutors reply to Public Verdict Foundation about grounds for inspection

Ministry of Justice refuses to find Committee Against Torture a ‘foreign agent’