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No. 3 (21 January) 2013

Week-ending 18 January 2013 

Jens Siegert on the Death of Yury Schmidt 

Lev Ponomarev: 'Stupidity or Villainy' - on the authorities' refusal to permit a march in memory of Markelov and Baburova

From the Russian Media 
Ramil Akhmetgaliev on minimizing risk: how NGOs can protect themselves against the "anti-Magnitsky law" 

Olga Kuzmenkova: Ministry of Justice Can’t Crack the Agents

Aleksandr Podrabinek: One Foot in the Soviet Union

Aleksandr Podrabinek on the Lessons of the Depardieu Affair in English 
Arseny Roginsky on Yury Schmidt 

Yury Samodurov: Bidding Farewell to Yury Markovich Schmidt

In Memory of Yury Markovich Schmidt 

Moscow City Hall after all agrees to a march in memory of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasiya Baburova 

Maria Alekhina : "No one will ever force me to say I am guilty " 

Alekhina transferred to pre-trial detention centre from Perm penal colony 

How to Defend Non-Profits from the Anti-Magnitsky Law: Instructions for Non-Profit Lawyers 

Human Rights Defenders, the Ministry of Justice and the New ‘Laws’ 

Constitutional Court supports Memorial Society on access to archives 

Defence counsel of Leonid Razvozzhaev appeals against refusal of Investigative Committee to investigate his kidnapping 

Federation Council aims to introduce registration of volunteers 

In Moscow thousands of protesters call for dissolution of State Duma: reports 

Suspect in “Bolotnaya Square” investigation Lutskevich appeals to European Court 

Navalny lodges appeal against law on demonstrations with Constitutional Court