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Weekly Update No. 44 (233) 19 December 2016

Person of the Week
Person of the Week: Lilia Shibanova

Legal Case of the Week
Legal Case of the Week: Anton Nosik

Anastasia Zotova: "Prisoners who used to be afraid to reveal the torture and humiliation are now giving evidence. [T]his is still a brave step — prisoners who complain are in the full power of the prisoner administration. And nothing, not even the attention of the Russian and European public, can protect them from the administration’s revenge"

Rights in Russia
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Our thanks to this week’s translators, including: Anna Bowles, Caroline Elkin, Elizabeth Teague, Frances Robson, Graham Jones, Joanne Reynolds, Lincoln Pigman, Marian Schwartz, Mary McAuley, Simon Cosgrove and Suzanne Eade Roberts