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Weekly Update No. 19 (252) 15 May 2017

Quote for the Week
"Why is a legal professional in court accusing a defendant of something that does not fall within the framework of the law?"
Aleksandr Podrabinek (on the trial of Ruslan Sokolovsky)


Weekly news round-up
Rights in Russia: Week-ending 12 May 2017


A look back at the past week:
Person of the Week: Ildar Dadin

Rights Group of the Week: Committee for the Prevention of Torture

Legal Case of the Week: Ruslan Sokolovsky


Interview [video] 
Our interviews with Natalia Taubina, director of the Moscow-based Public Verdict Foundation, in English and in Russian


Human rights defenders fear a 'Bolotnaya Square case-2’ []


Rights in Russia

How to become a supporter of Rights in Russia

Our thanks to this week’s translators, including: Elizabeth Teague, Lindsay Munford, Marian Schwartz, Mary McAuley, Mark Nuckols and Simon Cosgrove