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Weekly Update No. 20 (253) 22 May 2017

Quotes for the Week

Evgeniya Chirikova: "In Russia, any topic, including Pokemon Go, is political."

Vladimir Pozner: "As it is known, I am an atheist. I stridently believe there is no God. [...] By propagating this view, am I violating the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation?"

This Week
News round-up: Rights in Russia Week-ending 19 May 2017 

Person of the Week: Yevhen Hrytsyak 

Rights Group of the Week: Environmental Watch of the North Caucasus 

Legal Case of the Week: Yury Kuly 



Rights in Russia
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Our thanks to this week’s translators, including: Graham Jones, Marian Schwartz, Mary McAuley, Nicky Brown, Simon Cosgrove and Suzanne Eade Roberts