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Weekly Update No. 39 (272) 18 December 2017

We dedicate this issue to Arseny Borisovich Roginsky, chair of the board of the International Memorial Society, who has died today, 18 December 2017.

Arseny Roginsky, 1946 - 2017 [International Memorial Society]


Rights in Russia

Week-ending 15 December 2017


Quote for the Week
Boris Altshuler: The Paralysis of Law Enforcement

Sergei Kovalev: Human Rights Activists and the Regime [Moscow Helsinki Group]

Lev Ponomarev: Rewriting or defending the present Constitution? [Radio Sol]

Timur Kobaliya: The Case of Anatoly Boltykhov

Andrei Kalikh: Free Russia Forum: sanctions and boycotts [OpenDemocracy]

Igor Yasin: “If there’s no freedom of assembly for LGBT, there’s none for anyone else” [OpenDemocracy]

Viktor Kogan-Yasny: On Political Leadership and War

A Evening of Solidarity with Historian Yury Dmitriev. Report by

Mikhail Rogachev: The reburial of victims of the Soviet terror in the Republic of Komi

Halya Coynash: Council of Europe will share responsibility for grave human rights violations if it gives in to Russia now

Halya Coynash: Imprisoned Crimean Tatar leaders reportedly exchanged for 2 suspected Russian state-sponsored killers


Glasnost Defence Foundation: Digest No. 826

Sova Centre: Misuse of Anti-Extremism in November 2017

Arseny Roginsky has died [International Memorial Society]



The Dmitriev Affair - a Rights in Russia event to be held at Pushkin House on 19th December 2017 at 19:30

John Crowfoot on "The Dmitriev Affair - What Next?", a public event to be held on 19 December 2017, 19:30-21:00, at Pushkin House


Rights in Russia 

Our thanks to this week's translators, including Anna Bowles, Chloe Tennant, Frances Robson, Graham Jones, Joanne Reynolds, Matthew Quigley, Nicky Brown, Rose Glickman, Matthew Quigley, Marian Schwartz, Nicky Brown and Simon Cosgrove

Editing by John Crowfoot and Simon Cosgrove