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Weekly Update No. 40 (273) 25 December 2017

We wish all of our readers a Happy New Year. С Новым годом!
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Rights in Russia

Week-ending 22 December 2017 [see also attachment]


Quote for the Week



Mary McAuley on Arseny Roginsky: "He did not give you an answer, he helped you find one"

Simon Cosgrove: Arseny Roginsky - The Quiet Revolutionary

Jens Siegert: Arseny Roginsky. On his 70th birthday [30 March 2016]

Mikhail Kaluzhsky: Arseny Roginsky - Giving Russia its history back [OpenDemocracy]



Interview with Arseny Roginsky: "The authorities still do not understand what freedom of association means" [first published 26 April 2013]



Rights in Russia
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