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Weekly Update No. 02 (275) 22 January 2018

Rights in Russia
Rights in Russia: Week-ending 19 January 2018


Quote for the Week
Nils Muiznieks‏: "I call on the Russian authorities on the regional and federal level to immediately ensure the release of Mr Titiev and to provide him with all the necessary safeguards in the current proceedings"


Remember the Date
Remember the Date: On 19 January 2009 Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova were shot dead in Moscow


This Week
Person of the Week: Head of Memorial's office in Chechnya, Oyub Titiev, remains in custody

Rights Group of the Week: Memorial Human Rights Centre

Legal Case of the Week: Constitutional Court refuses to hear Aleksei Navalny's complaint over election ban


In Memoriam
Stanislav Markelov: Patriotism as Diagnosis [Open Democracy]


Rose Glickman: Arseny Roginsky - A Farewell [BASEES]

Kirill Rogov on Arseny Roginsky: “His proclivity for self-limitation, perhaps, hindered his contemporaries from understanding the true scale of his personality"

Lev Lurye on Arseny Roginsky: "His most important gift was the ability to find the strengths that lie hidden in everyone, to bring out their best and to put it to use for the common good"

Sergei Lukashevsky: "Arseny Roginsky nurtured not only Memorial but the very culture of civic engagement itself"

Aleksandr Cherkasov on Arseny Roginsky: “The tracker himself does not leave a trail"

Yakov Gordin on Arseny Roginsky: "Not for the first time, we have to say the world has grown empty"


Rights Groups in Russia
OVD-Info Weekly Bulletin No. 38: Arson Attack on Memorial’s Office in Chechnya

Golos: Main News of the Week 8 - 14 January 2018


Rights in Russia
Simon Cosgrove steps down as director of Rights in Russia after eight years

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Our thanks to this week's translators: Joanne Reynolds, Lindsay Munford, Marian Schwartz, Nina de Palma and Simon Cosgrove
Editing by Simon Cosgrove
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