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Weekly Update No. 14 (287) 16 April 2018

Rights in Russia

Week-ending 13 April 2018 [see also attachment]


Zoya Svetova on the trial for "riot" of inmates at the Mozhaisk prison for minors [Ekho Moskvy]

Aleksei Babii on the foundation of Krasnoyarsk Memorial Society [Sibir.Realii]

An interview with Anna Stavitskaya []

Lev Ponomarev: Thank you for…not using electro-shockers!


Human Rights Groups in Russia




Rights in Russia 

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Our thanks to this week's translators: Anna Bowles, Kate Goodby, Matthew Quigley, Marian Schwartz, Mercedes Malcomson, Nathalie Corbett, Nina de Palma, Rose Glickman, Suzanne Eade Roberts and Tatjana Duff

Project coordinators: Julia Sherwood and Simon Cosgrove


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On 19 January 2018 we marked eight years since Rights in Russia was founded. In that time, run largely by volunteers, we have translated hundreds of news stories, organised several events with Russian human rights defenders and our publications are among the top items in Google searches about human rights in Russia. If you share our belief in the importance of our mission, there are several ways in which you can help.  If you would like to make a donation, please visit:, and tell your friends who are interested in Russia about our work and encourage them to donate.  You could also contribute as a volunteer – we need more good translators from Russian, experienced editors and, last but not least, people with website design experience. Please get in touch if you yourself or your friends have these skills.

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