Ivar Amundsen on the climax of the Russian presidential election

posted 1 Mar 2012, 06:52 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 1 Mar 2012, 06:57 ]
A Dangerous and Unpredictable Situation

By Ivar Amundsen
Director of the Chechnya Peace Forum

Ahead of the presidential election in Russia this coming Sunday I prepared an article for The Moscow Times. At the last moment they decided against publishing it – it was too strong! Russian censorship and self-censorship is a profound feature in Russia these days. A little more “Glasnost” and challenge to the regime would have served the Russian civil society well!

I attach the English and Russian versions which appear on various websites (including here on Rights in Russia - ed.). The Norwegian Dagbladet printed the article yesterday, Norwegian text also attached. We are nearing the climax of the Russian presidential election. [Read more]