John Crowfoot: Western media and yesterday’s plebiscite in Crimea

posted 17 Mar 2014, 06:18 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Mar 2014, 13:02 ]
17 March 2014

By John Crowfoot

It has been disconcerting to follow Western media coverage of Sunday’s referendum over Crimea’s future. And today the oddities continued.

France 24 informed its readers that 95% of those who voted were in favour of Crimea becoming part of Russia. As Golos, the Russian election-monitoring NGO, commented there were no independent observers, either during the vote or the subsequent count. So it is possible but not confirmed that 95% were in favour. What cannot be true is the second assertion, repeated unthinkingly by France 24, that there was “an 83% turnout”! [Read more]