Masha Karp: "Marina Goldovskaya: documenting modern Russia"

posted 22 Feb 2013, 13:43 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 Feb 2013, 13:57 ]
19 February 2013

By Masha Karp

Source: openDemocracy

London’s Pushkin House is hosting a retrospective of Russian director Marina Goldovskaya’s documentaries under the heading ‘Russia since Perestroika'. Masha Karp reflects on Goldovskaya’s distinctive art and the issues raised in her films.

In a British documentary about Russia, a Russian soldier is asked about Perestroika. His answer —‘it started under a valid pretext, but ended in a bad way for everybody’ — is perhaps a little clumsily expressed. But the sentiment behind it is, unfortunately, shared by many former Soviet citizens, exhausted by life post-perestroika. [Read more]

Masha Karp is a trustee of Rights in Russia. This article is republished by kind permission of openDemocracy