Evgeny Legedin on the Pussy Riot prosecutions

posted 12 Sept 2012, 01:45 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 12 Sept 2012, 02:03 ]
12 September 2012

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The day is the 20 January 2012. It is a frosty and windy day in Moscow. Several girls in balaclavas and colourful dresses go to Red Square and sing a song: 

“Revolt in Russia, / Putin pissed Himself! / Riot in Russia — go with the protest / Riot in Russia — Putin pissed himself / Riot in Russia — we are here, we are real / Riot in Russia — riot, riot, riot / Go on the street / Occupy Red Square / Show them the freedom / Of civic anger!” 

Yes, it is cold in Russia now. The frost dramatises political life and Putin’s winter still lies over the country. Outside the windows there is an authoritarian dictatorship: it is scary, violent and punitive. Activists and journalists die; protesters are beaten up; an unacceptable political regime is in place. It cannot be improved; it can only been flushed down the cesspit of history. [Read more]