The Case of Maxim Petlin

posted 27 Sept 2011, 07:39 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Sept 2011, 02:04 ]
by Masha Karp

25 September 2011

Russia beyond Moscow and sometimes St Petersburg usually remains unknown to outsiders. Yet, recent attacks on the opposition in Yekaterinburg have attracted the attention of some western publications, including The Spectator and Opendemocracy

Over the past two weeks a series of pickets have been held outside the Russian embassy in London. The aim of the pickets has been to support Maxim Petlin, a local activist detained in a pre-trial detention centre since 26th August on fabricated charges.

For more than a year now Londoners have been demonstrating in front of the Russian Embassy to show their solidarity with the Russian civic movement Strategy-31, whose rallies for freedom of assembly have been brutally suppressed in many Russian cities. 

Paradoxically, rallies in Yekaterinburg have been allowed to go ahead peacefully. It is only recently that the local Strategy-31 organisers have been directly attacked by the authorities. 

Maxim Petlin’s recent appeal to be granted bail has been refused and he continues to be held in a pre-trial detention centre. And what this is like is now widely known, thanks to the detailed descriptions left by Sergei Magnitsky of his detention…

Demonstrating in support of Maxim Petlin 
outside the Russian embassy, London, 
23 September 2011

The next demonstration in support of Maxim Petlin will take place outside the Russian embassy on 30 September 2011 at 3pm.