Poel Karp: Without Reciprocity

posted 4 May 2014, 10:48 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 4 May 2014, 10:48 ]
2 May 2014

By Poel Karp 

They were still saying there were no Russian soldiers in Crimea, that these were ‘local self-defense forces’, and they had not officially recognized that this was our army, but Mrs Merkel had already hinted that the President of Russia was, so to say, not in his right mind. But he is in the same mindset as he has always been, and a very traditional one. He is behaving like Lenin, who sent an army to bring down the Georgian social-democrats; like Stalin, who refused independence to the Poles; like Khrushchev, who sent rockets to Cuba; and like Brezhnev, who sent an army to Afghanistan. And if people ask by what right all this is happening, as Churkin explained at the UN, the Federation Council permitted it. And who is to blame if no one responded that the Federation Council has the right only to relocate forces on the territory of the Russian Federation? [Read more]