Tatyana Rabinkova: The Fourth Wave

posted 7 Nov 2012, 02:08 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 7 Nov 2012, 02:13 ]
6 November 2012

This is about emigration. I am afraid of losing count, but the First Wave, unquestionably, was caused by the Revolution or, as they say nowadays, the October Coup. It is a questionable term, but let us leave that to the conscience of today's historians. Then there was "the exodus of the Jews from Russia", which was the Second Wave. The Third, in the nineties, was also a mass exodus. And I suspect that the Fourth Wave is now on the rise. In one interview, Vladimir Menshov (director and actor, his films include the Oscar-winning "Moscow does not believe in tears" and one of Russia's best-loved films "Love and Pigeons") said that he had been mulling over an idea for a film about why Russians who have the opportunity to leave do not do so. He still does not know the answer. [Read more]