Does the Current Law on Public Assemblies Provide for Exercise of the Right of Assembly?

posted 31 May 2012, 14:41 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 31 May 2012, 14:41 ]
31 May 2012

By Tatiana Shamsova

New amendments to the law governing public assemblies [the Assembly Law] of June, 2004 recently introduced to Duma by the United Russia, prompted me to take a closer look at the legislation currently in force. Does it protect the right to peaceful assembly? Is it due to malpractice by the authorities that we are so severely restricted in this right, or does the law itself gives grounds for such negligence? 

I discovered with bitterness that instead of being an instrument that allows the authorities to take reasonable and appropriate measures to guarantee the smooth conduct of a peaceful gathering, the current Assembly Law creates significant obstacles to the planning and execution of a gathering. [Read more]