Cranes Fly Over the Cuckoo Nest

posted 14 Sept 2012, 07:45 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 14 Sept 2012, 07:46 ]
14 September 2012

By Tatyana Shamsova

The hardships of a presidency through the camera's eye: Putin hugging a tiger, a horse, a bear; Putin with his dog, without his dog, riding, swimming, jumping; Putin’s ageless naked masculine torso; Putin's reserved, manly, self-disciplined smile; Putin, appearing from the sea's depths with ancient vases; Putin working day and night like a galley slave for twelve years in a desperate effort to raise his subjects from their knees, involuntarily succeeding only in obtaining enormous personal wealth, and... the final snapshot: Putin all in white piloting a hang-glider leading a flock of cranes raised in captivity to a life in the wilderness. [Read more]