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Carrie Supple writes to BBC's Today Programme: 'Exclusion of transgender people from driving a "nice little bizarre item"?!'

posted 10 Jan 2015, 09:37 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 12 Jan 2015, 09:55 ]

10 January 2015

Dear Today Programme, 

Did Jim Naughtie really just say the Russian government's exclusion of transgender people and 'pyromaniacs' from driving was a 'nice little bizarre item'??!! (with a chuckle in his voice)? And he's talking to us from Paris!! reporting on the murderers who hate freedom. 

Has Naughtie not heard of the Nazi laws which began by excluding Jews from owning pets and bicycles and ended in.... 

Shame on Jim Naughtie. There is nothing 'nice' about the Russian government. Please, someone tell him. 



Carrie Supple

cc Rights in Russia

Carrie Supple is the Director of Journey to Justice and 
was Director of Youth Act, teachingforsolidarity. 
She has 30 years of experience in education 
and human rights work.

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