Officials treat raid on Amnesty International’s office as “a matter of the rent”

posted 7 Nov 2016, 06:40 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 7 Nov 2016, 06:42 ]
2 November 2016


Officials who broke into and sealed off the Moscow office of the human rights organisation, Amnesty International, explained their actions as “a matter of the rent,” a Moscow representative of Amnesty International, Aleksandr Artemyev, has said.

“We spoke with our neighbours who start work earlier than us. And they told us that at 9.30am five people arrived, broke open the door and on being asked what was happening, answered: ‘A matter pf the rent”. This is the only thing we know just now,’ said Artemyev.

The Amnesty International representative commented that until now no such problems had arisen regarding the office premises. “It simply went up from year to year,” Artemyev remarked.

According to Aleksandr Artemyev the human rights activists have not managed to get any explanations from the Moscow authorities.

“There are more grounds for suggesting that journalists who call the press office of the state property department will get an answer sooner than us,” said the representative of Amnesty International.

The locks of the office of the organisation were broken, with new ones put in their place. In addition, the alarm system was switched off.

Aleksandr Artemyev suggests that they also replaced the alarm system. “Through the keyhole we could see white cables which hadn’t been there before,” Artemyev told Medusa. The well-known organisation Amnesty International was founded in 1961 in Great Britain. Its main aim is to bring attention to the violation of human rights and to the observance of international standards.

Amnesty has been awarded the Nobel Prize for its outstanding work.

Translated by Frances Robson