Pressure on NGOs: on “public disavowal” of a statement or action of a representative

posted 15 Jan 2017, 13:56 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 15 Jan 2017, 13:57 ]
27 December 2016


After amendments, the plenary session of Russia’s Supreme Court adopted a ruling “On some questions arising from judges’ case reviews concerning with the suspension of activity or the liquidation of non-profit organisations, as well as a ban on activities of NGOs or religious associations that are not legal entities”.

The draft of the ruling in question was discussed at a preliminary session of the plenary of the Supreme Court, RAPSI correspondent Oleg Sivozhelezov reports.

As the rapporteur, Supreme Court Judge Yury Ivanenko, remarked, during the drafting process, suggestions received from the Russian Ministry of Justice and the Russian General Procurator had been taken into account.

The rapporteur directed the attention of the Court to the significant change affecting a clause concerning a statement by a non-profit organisation (an association of citizens) that they do not agree with statements or actions of individual representatives.

The final version of the ruling is supplemented by a provision, according to which a time limit is set for a non-profit organisation or association to make a public statement that it does not agree with a statement or action of a representative - before the relevant body or prosecutor brings an administrative law suit on the matter.

As stated in the ruling, a timely public statement by the organisation releases it from responsibility for the actions of its own representatives.

Translated by Frances Robson