Public Verdict launches campaign against torture

posted 5 Feb 2017, 09:45 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 5 Feb 2017, 09:53 ]
23 January 2017


The well-known human rights NGO, Public Verdict Foundation, has launched a campaign against torture. The aim of the campaign is to remind the Russian authorities of the recommendations of the UN Committee Against Torture.

Public Verdict Foundation is confident that if the recommendations were to be implemented, torture in Russia would be minimized. Human rights activists are calling for support for their campaign on social networks.

Thirty years ago, in 1987, the the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment was ratified. These obligations were transferred to Russia as the successor state of the USSR.

Organisers of the campaign have stated, "On such commemorative days it would be especially desirable to remind our authorities about these obligations".

In 2012, Russia reported to the Committee Against Torture and received a detailed list of recommendations from the Committee. These recommendations are a kind of road map. If it is implemented, torture in Russia could be minimized.

Public verdict Foundation has prepared a list of the most important measures as recommended by the Committee.

For three days, commencing 23rd January, Public Verdict will remind the authorities about the need to implement of the following measures:

- the necessity to criminalise torture under the criminal code of the Russian Federation;

- international standards of effective investigation should become the norm for investigative operations;

- the State should create programmes for the rehabilitation of victims of torture;

- the Istanbul Protocol needs to be implemented with regard to the working practice of investigators and doctors documenting injuries;

- evidence obtained by torture should not be accepted in the courts.

The campaign will take place on Facebook and Twitter. Public Verdict Foundation is inviting everyone to join the campaign on social networks:

"You can join us and work with these same five recommendations, which we consider a minimum programme in the fight against torture. You can also include any other item of the Committee's recommendations.

The hashtags to use are: #30летКАТвРоссии #НетПыткам #ВместеПротивПыток"

If you are addressing the official accounts of government agencies, it is recommended that you specify the subject so that your message gets through.

On Facebook:

https://www. facebook . com / sledcomru Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

https://www. facebook . com / mvd . official MVD Russia

https://www. facebook . com / genprocrf /# Russian Prosecutor General's Office

On Twitter:

@sledcom _ rf   @mvd _ official   @dumagovru   @KremlinRussia   @Genproc

Examples of messages on Twitter ( a maximum of 140 characters): International standards for effective investigation should become the norm in the work of @sledcom _ rf  @Genproc #30letKATvRossii #NetPytkam #VmesteProtivPytok

The campaign period is from 23 to 25 January 2017

Public Verdict Foundation is confident that, "The more we post, the louder our voice will become and the harder for them to ignore it.”  #30letKATvRossii #NetPytkam #VmesteProtivPytok

Translated by Graham Jones