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An Interview with Irina Flige

posted 10 Jul 2012, 07:03 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 10 Jul 2012, 07:42 ]
11 April 2012 

An interview with Irina Flige, director of the St. Petersburg Memorial Research and Information Centre, by Masha Karp 

"If there is an enthusiast, there is a monument. If there isn't one, then there is no monument"

"In Russia I think at the present time there is only one measure for political events: whether blood will be shed or not. Unfortunately, we are on the threshold of these events."

On 28th March Index on Censorship, which has just celebrated its 40th anniversary, awarded one of its Freedom of Expression awards to Memorial Research and Information Centre. Irina Flige, director of the Centre in St. Petersburg, was presented with the award in London by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, one of Index on Censorship’s original trustees (photo below: Index on Censorship). In this interview with Masha Karp, Irina Flige speaks about the work of the Centre, the protests that have taken place in Russia, and the current situation in Russia. [Read more