Legal Case of the Week: Denis Korotkov

posted 3 Oct 2016, 02:55 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Oct 2016, 02:55 ]
Journalist Denis Korotkov, a correspondent for the St. Petersburg-based site, has been charged after filming himself taking part in vote-rigging to prove fraud in recent elections. As The Moscow Times reports, Denis Korotkov was investigating allegations of vote-rigging in the 18th September elections to the State Duma: 

‘He took part in a vote rigging technique known as “carousel voting,” allowing him to cast two separate votes in two separate polling stations. Those who took part were paid for their work, and were made to take photographs of their ballots to ensure they had voted for members of the ruling United Russia party.’ 

Denis Korotkov was arrested on charges of ‘illegally obtaining a ballot.’ reported that no other arrests were made in connection with the vote-rigging scheme.

'Russian Journalist Arrested for Election Fraud (After Filming Election Fraud),' The Moscow Times, 27 September 2016
'Раскрывшего «карусель» корреспондента «Фонтанки» доставляют в полицию,', 18 September 2016
'Корреспондент "Фонтанки" Денис Коротков, обнаруживший накануне одну из так называемых "предвыборных каруселей", общается в эфире с петербургским омбудсменом Александром Шишловым, который обещает разобраться с этой историей,', 19 September 2016