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1 June 2016

posted 1 Jun 2016, 00:08 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 1 Jun 2016, 00:09 ]
Crimean Tatar journalist accused of ’extremism’ & incitement for call to help children

Lilia Budzhurova has received a formal warning of “the inadmissibility of extremist activities” 6 days after writing a moving appeal to show solidarity and support for children whose fathers are in custody in Russian-occupied Crimea on fabricated charges. The 3-page opus from the Simferopol prosecutor’s office cites her article ‘Now these are our children’ and posts on Facebook, and suggests that these contain “extremist utterances” and “publications which could incite ethnic and religious hatred and enmity”. The prosecutor clearly preferred not to quote the article which doubtless prompted this warning and instead cites a Facebook post from April 2. In the latter, Budzhurova asks “when this will all end” and suggests that they will soon be grabbing Crimean Tatars off the street, and notes that this is only a half-step away from making them wear a yellow armband. Budzhurova was responding to an armed raid on March 31 of a café outside Simferopol. Crimean Tatars were clearly targeted, with people ‘of Slavonic appearance’ ignored. At least 35 Crimean Tatars were taken to the so-called Centre for Countering Extremism, and released around 4 hours later. They were not questioned about any crime, yet all those detained had their fingerprints and DNA samples taken. The ‘incitement to racial or religious enmity’, it transpired, was in Budzhurova’s reaction, not in that latest act of armed intimidation targeting only one ethnic group. [...]
Source: Human Rights in Ukraine [written by Halya Coynash]