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3 October 2016

posted 3 Oct 2016, 22:28 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Oct 2016, 22:49 ]
Five men appear in court charged with Boris Nemtsov killing

Five Chechen men have gone on trial in Moscow accused of killing the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Nemtsov, who was deputy prime minister under Boris Yeltsin, had been a fierce critic of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and was set to lead a protest on 1 March 2015, two days after he was shot four times in the back and killed as he walked across a bridge next to the Kremlin. The defendants, who were allegedly contracted to carry out the killing, all deny the charges. Nemtsov’s family fear that whoever ordered the hit will not be found. Their lawyers told the court that the investigation was neither effective nor comprehensive. [...]
Source: The Guardian [article by Alec Luhn]