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6 June 2016

posted 6 Jun 2016, 00:44 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 6 Jun 2016, 00:45 ]
Crimean peaceful protesters get violent awakening to Russian real world

Among the 50 or more Crimeans violently dispersed while trying to hold a peaceful protest on June 4 was one communist deputy who played an extremely active role in supporting Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea. Judging by the outraged cries from the protesters, Pavel Stepanchenko was not the only protester confused by the face presented of Russian reality. The protest was over the appearance of commercial outlets and funfair attractions blocking the beach in Alushta. Local residents are convinced that corruption among the authorities is behind the loss of access to their beach. The Internet site Your Newspaper informs that an attempt by the initiative group to agree the protest on the beachfront with the city authorities had been rejected. Having failed to get permission, they avoided any loudspeakers or other items that could get them accused of holding an unauthorized protest, and tried to call their peaceful action a ‘meeting with city council deputy Stepanchenko’. Such meetings cannot be banned. At least not in Ukraine they can’t. [...]
Sourcew: Human Rights in Ukraine author: Halya Coynash [4 June 2016]