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13 July 2016

posted 12 Jul 2016, 23:32 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 12 Jul 2016, 23:32 ]
Russian Court Rejects Navalny Slander Lawsuit Over State TV 'Spy' Claims

The verdict is in: accusing someone on Russian state television of being a Western spy with no evidence to substantiate the claim does not constitute slander -- at least if that someone is opposition leader Aleksei Navalny. A Moscow court on July 12 dismissed Navalny's slander lawsuit against state broadcaster VGTRK and government media boss Dmitry Kiselyov over a report accusing the Kremlin opponent of being on the payroll of U.S. and British intelligence. The report, which aired on state-owned Rossia-1 television in April, has been widely ridiculed as a crude hatchet job featuring laughable "evidence" of Navalny's purported work for foreign masters, including supposed leaked letters from MI6 and CIA officers with clumsy English syntax and Navalny's supposed Skype call in which neither voice sounds like the man's. [...]
Source: RFE/RL [12 July 2016; author: Carl Schreck]