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16 June 2016

posted 15 Jun 2016, 23:28 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 15 Jun 2016, 23:32 ]
Crimean Newspaper Editor Arrested

[On 15 June 2016] staff of the newspaper Argumenty Nedeli – Krym released a statement over the arrest and detention of the paper’s Chief Editor Alexei Sapov. They say that his detention on [14 June 2016] is linked with his journalist work in Vladimir (Russia) 6 years ago. “Alexei was not frightened to speak the truth, sometimes even unpalatable or inconvenient for some. Apparently that was not to many people’s liking in the region”. The editorial team hopes that this is a misunderstanding which will be resolved shortly. They promise that they will do everything to defend the good name of their colleague and ensure that justice prevails. There is no more information as yet regarding the charges nor even how long he has been detained for. There would, in fact, be no reason to report this at all were it not for the general situation with freedom of speech in Crimea, especially given that, as the journalists assert, the paper has seemed to report the news objectively. [...]