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19 May 2017

posted 19 May 2017, 10:36 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 May 2017, 10:35 ]
Russia detains Crimean Tatars for honouring the victims of the Deportation
Russian police and FSB marked the 73rd anniversary of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatar People with detentions and harassment of people, many elderly, gathered in prayer. Five drivers of cars bearing Crimean Tatar flags were detained in Bakhchysarai and protocols drawn up. A court hearing into this supposed ‘administrative offence’ has been scheduled for later on Thursday. In Simferopol, eight young people were released in the early afternoon after being detained for walking with the Crimean Tatar flag. Journalist Anton Naumlyuk reports that the men released were all made to provide ‘explanations’. The police tried to take fingerprints, but all refused to give them. Another two minors were held further in the police station, and at least three other people had been detained, also for the Crimean Tatar Flag in another part of the city. Most distressing is, of course, the treatment of older people who may well have directly experienced the Deportation or at least grown up in exile. [...]
Source: Human Rights in Ukraine [19 May 2017]

Russia’s National Guard to Monitor Social Networks
Russia’s National Guard is planning to train IT experts and specialists to monitor social networks, the Interfax news agency reported Friday, citing first deputy commander of the National Guard Sergei Melikov.  “We’re looking at areas of work we would like to develop” Melikov told reporters. "Mainly social media monitoring." Monitoring social networks would help the law enforcement agency to prevent attacks against the national guard like the one in the Republic of Chechnya in late March this year. [...]
Source: The Moscow Times [19 May 2017]

State Interests Trump Human Rights, Says Chair of Russia’s Constitutional Court
Protecting human rights should not create a threat to state sovereignty, undermine “the moral standards of the society” or “disrupt its religious identity,” Valery Zorkin, chief justice of Russia’s Constitutional Court, said Thursday at the St. Petersburg International Law Forum. Zorkin argued that defending the rights of the majority is equally as important as defending the rights of various minority groups. “Some 2016 events - like Brexit for example - have demonstrated that the concept of defending the rights of the majority, lately ignored by Western societies, is important,” the Constitutional Court's chief justice was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency. "If the society is unhealthy and immoral, it can’t fully protect human rights,” he said. [...]
Source: The Moscow Times [19 May 2017]

President Putin appoints new Representative of Russia at ECHR
President Vladimir Putin has appointed Deputy Justice Minister Mikhail Galperin as Representative of the Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). [...]
Source: RAPSI [19 May 2017]

Chechnya's ‘First Transgender Woman’ Comes Forward
A woman calling herself Chechnya’s “first transgender person” has come forward saying she fled illegally last year to the United States, after facing persecution in Russia. The independent TV station Dozhd says it verified the transgender woman’s identity through human rights workers who helped her escape Russia. [...]
Source: The Moscow Times [18 May 2017]

Two gays from Chechnya find refuge in Lithuania
Two residents of Chechnya, who were persecuted because of their sexual orientation, have received Lithuanian visas, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister has reported. The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on April 1, the "Novaya Gazeta" published an article on mass arrests and murders in Chechnya of LGBTs; and later reported also about a "secret prison" for gays in Argun. Ramzan Kadyrov has treated the articles as provocation. [...]
Source: Caucasian Knot [17 May 2017]

"EcoWatch" achieves cancellation of fines at Adygea's SC
The Supreme Court (SC) of Adygea has stopped the cases about the absence of the label of a "foreign agent" on press releases of the "Ecological Watch for Northern Caucasus" (EcoWatch) and cancelled the fines earlier imposed on the organization, said Andrei Rudomakha, the coordinator. The "EcoWatch" was recognized as a "foreign agent" in September 2016. Mr Rudomakha has reminded that a judge of the Maikop City Court had fined the "EcoWatch" and its leader based on the administrative protocols, drawn up by the "Roskomnadzor" branch for the Southern Federal District (SFD). [...]

Source: Caucasian Knot [17 May 2017]